01. Using a computer has [enabled] me to do my work much more quickly and efficiently.
02. New discoveries in genetics may someday [enable] doctors to detect many inherited diseases before people actually develop them.
03. New employment programs announced by the government will [enable] small businesses to hire more students for the summer.
04. The home computer has [enabled] many people to produce their own professional-looking magazines.
05. This hot weather has [enabled] me to take my time fixing the roof of our house.
06. Learning to use a computer has [enabled] me to do all the bookkeeping for my business myself.
07. Einstein said that a unified super-theory of everything would [enable] us to "read the mind of God."
08. My grandfather's inheritance has [enabled] us to buy our first house.
09. Franklin Jones once said that experience is that marvelous thing that [enables] you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
10. Can you show me how to [enable] the internal modem on my computer?
11. The flexible hours of my new job have [enabled] me to spend more time with my children.
12. Strengthening your muscles [enables] you to do more work, and work longer before you become exhausted.
13. A public vote in 1979 [enabled] the Ayatollah Khomeini to establish an Islamic republic in Iran.
14. Someone once joked that the only good thing about smog is that it [enables] you to see what you are breathing.
15. South African gold deposits have provided the capital which [enables] the country to import goods it does not produce.
16. In the early 1980s, rapidly rising oil revenues [enabled] the government of the Republic of the Congo to finance large-scale development projects.
17. We just got a wireless connection, [enabling] us to use the Internet from any room in the house.
18. The twin attributes of language and culture have [enabled] the human species to adapt to a wide range of conditions and environments.
19. Ensuring that a child's basic needs are met helps [enable] them to reach their full potential.
20. Reading novels can [enable] us to temporarily forget our problems.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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